Buying a Home

We are committed to helping the sons and daughters of clients have a smooth transition from locating a dream home to moving day. How do we help?

Once senior management is alerted that a contract is placed on a home, we help

  • evaluate available funds and map out the best course of action for paying the loan and/or down payment
  • prepare a budget including estimated real estate taxes, insurance and monthly expenses
  • advise how to title the deed for tax purposes and file legal documents

Next, we help the young client

  • complete a mortgage application and contact the bank
  • make funds and/or loan available to place an offer on the home
  • evaluate which source should provide the money
  • wire the money necessary for the contract and act as a liaison between the client and financial institutions

Once a closing date has been set, we

  • collect quotes for homeowner’s insurance and present a detailed spreadsheet of coverage from various carriers
  • contact the title company to ensure all necessary paperwork is submitted before closing date