Chris Smith Q&A

What do you do at Argos?

I bridge the gap between legal and tax services. On the legal side, I coordinate with our clients’ lawyers in the preparation of important background documents that have a direct impact on business, family, and wealth, such as reviewing trusts and estate plans to make sure our families’ transitional goals and wishes are met.

I also help with drafting and reviewing operating agreements for family ventures, promissory notes for inside and outside loans, and other legal documents that are necessary to ensure adequate legal coverage and also help with family growth.

On the tax side, I assist with the preparation of our families’ annual Gift and Trust Tax Returns, and help with personal property titling and planning so that all sales and personal tax opportunities and liability precautions are being addressed.

I am able to provide tax services and coordinate with our clients’ outside law firms on legal issues because I work for both Argos and Vogel Law Office.

Tell us something interesting about you.

Within the past year, I have finished law school, passed the Missouri Bar, and married my best friend, Annalise (who I met through Argos years ago). It certainly has been a crazy few months to say the least!

Together we love to travel, ski, root on our beloved Blues and Mizzou teams (though it’s certainly been tough lately) and absolutely love to have people over for BBQs for any or no reason at all.  This year will be our 6th annual summer BBQ. In past years, we’ve smoked countless pigs, briskets, and even put on a crawfish and shrimp boil (the shrimp won!).  This year’s suggestions so far are alligator and goat, but we are always open for more!

We like to pass our remaining free time being amateur craftsman. Most recently we made the farmhouse table in the Argos kitchen.