Kerri White

Executive Assistant

Kerri serves as executive assistant for Argos Family Office CEO Paul Vogel. Her responsibilities include communicating correspondence from the executive’s office and scheduling client, other professional meetings, and conference calls for the Argos team. She coordinates and prepares client presentations and Argos board materials. She also supports Argos Family Office by making travel arrangements, managing databases and mailings, maintaining records for permanent documents and providing general office administration.

Previously, Kerri served as executive assistant for the CEO of Maschoff Family Foods and the Chairman and Owner of Swank Motion Pictures.

Outside of Argos, Kerri continues to serve as co-founder and owner of Zettie’s Confections, a confection supplier she launched based upon her Grandma Zettie’s recipes. Kerri is also a member of Prosper St. Louis and its Youth & Collegiate Committee as well as its Mastermind Program.