About Argos

Maximizing opportunities, reducing risk and providing professional oversight to ultra-affluent families

How We Guide

Coupling our professional experience with expert knowledge across all the areas that impact wealth, we help families create smart, forward-thinking plans for their futures.

Our accounting, legal, tax, bill pay and concierge professionals collaborate in real time, reviewing our clients’ opportunities and goals from all angles to help them achieve their goals. Working through similar situations faced by all of our families, we are able to share experiences and opportunities so all benefit.


How We Help

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals provides advice on the big and small decisions our families face every day. The concerns of ultra-high net worth families are often complex. By distilling the legal, accounting, tax and business variables, we empower families to make the best decisions possible.

Aiming to simplify our clients’ lives, we also provide bill pay, insurance management, concierge services, tax strategies, philanthropic planning, performance reporting, investment monitoring and more.

Our Staff

With a high staff to family ratio of 2:1, Argos professionals are focused exclusively on our families’ needs, all day, every day, identifying opportunities, reducing risk and providing professional oversight.

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