Argos is closing — to new families!

Dedicated to providing the highest level of service to current families, Argos Family Office’s leadership has placed a moratorium on adding any new families. Argos currently serves 10 multigenerational families in a variety of important areas including tax mitigation, financial reporting and analysis, concierge, investments (through Argos Investment Advisors, LLC), property management and philanthropy.

“We consistently provide best-in-class family office services to our select client families,” said Paul Vogel, CEO of Argos Family Office. “This does not mean Argos will not grow.  It will. We are doing more and more work for the second and even third generations.  Closing our office to new families ensures we have the resources to provide great service to all the generations.

“By holding our client base to 10 families, we feel all of our families benefit. Combining the knowledge we gain from clients with similar challenges with a deep understanding of each families’ objectives, we can provide the best, most creative solutions to help each family achieve success for generations.”