Bill Pay

Nearly all Argos families request that we help manage their bill pay in some way. Every month we process more than 1,000 individual transactions on behalf of our families. Plus, through our bill pay service, Argos provides detailed reporting and monitoring of expenses to assist families in the management of those expenses. We frequently catch billing errors, erroneous charges and duplicate bills, ultimately helping our clients avoid unnecessary and unjustified expenses. Finally, handling the bill pay process allows us to get to know our families even better and help with more of the day-to-day issues that arise.

Our bill pay process has robust internal and external controls. For example, no payment is made until it is approved by the client and has gone through multiple levels of review. In addition, our entire bill pay process is subject to an annual surprise audit exam conducted by a third party CPA firm. They review our internal controls and test random bill pay transactions. Their findings are filed annually with the Securities Exchange Commission and are available on request.

Bill pay is one of many Argos services that empowers families with important information to help them make better decisions.