Eldercare: 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Caregiver

Finding the best care for elderly parents requires careful planning and diligent research. We are here to help.

One of the ways we can help is by sharing the names of provider services that have worked well for others. We can also help by walking you through the process, as we’ve done for others.

For example, before hiring any caregiver, we recommend your family think through these 10 questions:

1) How do you qualify a person to offer the best care to your family?
2) Do you have a practical test for day-to-day skills of candidates that will help you be successful in the hiring process?
3) What certifications and education are important to the position?
4) What questions might you ask to remove undesirables from your hiring process?
5) Is lifting 50 or more pounds a part of the daily responsibilities?
6) Will the caregiver be required to drive family to-and-from appointments and wait for the duration of the appointment?
7) Is keeping the home clean and tidy, plus doing household laundry, an important part of the well being of your family member? Is it a requirement of the job?
8) Are you providing a vehicle and mileage reimbursement? If so, how will you manage reimbursements to the employee?
9) Should the caregiver be willing and qualified to monitor and/or distribute medications to the family?
10) How will the caregiver pay for incidentals incurred when providing care? Employee credit card? Reimbursement? And how will you manage the day-to-day requests?

Questions provided by Teresa Leigh, a household risk management firm.