Health and Property Insurance Updates

Property Insurance

One of the key goals to a good insurance program is obtaining the appropriate type and amount of coverage from a reputable carrier at a fair price. While this seems simple, it can be hard to implement in the high-net-worth marketplace given clients’ complex asset mixture and the number of carriers in the market.

To ensure our clients receive best-in-class service, Argos works with a select few property and casualty brokers to obtain the desired expertise and customer service. These agents have proven invaluable because they understand how to manage insurance for multiple types of properties in complex situations.

We have clients who build multiple homes on one property and who own various water and land vehicles, yachts, airplanes, secondary homes, masterpieces, businesses and car dealerships. Our agents have provided superior customer service, ensuring that all assets are adequately protected and that policies are updated due to purchases and sales.

Health Insurance

As complicated as property and casualty insurance can be, the ever-changing world of health insurance may be more perplexing. To alleviate fear over this complexity, Argos spends time with clients ensuring they understand changes in health insurance as well as the opportunities for new policies.

Argos works with a preferred health insurance broker to help clients enroll in Medicare, find supplemental Medicare coverage, change from a health insurance pool to a private policy and change from business to individual insurance. Our broker also helps younger clients choose appropriate insurance when starting new jobs. Many factors are taken into consideration when recommending coverage including premium cost, in-network physicians, in-network hospitals, and full coverage of prescriptions.

As the U.S. health insurance law continues to develop and evolve, Argos will continue to educate our clients regarding changes and options in all insurance.