Reporting to Help You Make the Best Decisions

Ultra-high-net-worth clients have highly complex informational needs. Our clients own a wide variety of assets including operating companies, real estate, collectibles, and traditional investment portfolios (to name a few). They also have numerous trusts, LLCs and other entities. Because of this complexity, we focus not only on reviewing the details of each client’s net worth, but also distilling the information down to key facts and decision points.

Argos Family Office prepares detailed balance sheets for all entities. We also track each family’s income, spending, and net worth from year to year. This way the client can focus on what is driving the changes over time and make more informed decisions impacting his or her long-term goals.

Argos families also receive performance reports for all of their investment accounts regardless of who manages the account or where the assets are held. Prepared by Argos Investment Advisors, these reports display performance of existing holdings as well as the past positions in each portfolio. With this combined information, a truly accurate picture can be determined as to what the value add is for any investment manager.