We help you make

Smarter Decisions

At Argos Family Office, we provide best-in-class family office services to a select few ultra-affluent families. Bringing breadth and depth of expertise across all the areas that impact wealth, our professionals collaborate closely to ensure all of our families achieve their goals.

Family Goals

A Lasting Legacy

Maintaining family connectivity and continuity is important to the future of ultra-affluent families. We work with families on successful family governance, communication, transition planning, leadership development and more.


By hosting family meetings and creating family-pooled entities, we’re able to foster communication and create an environment in which the current generation can transfer wisdom to the next. For families in need of additional guidance, we also offer one-on-one mentoring to help younger generations with life’s big transitions.


Families rely on us for a variety of services that simply make their lives better. Our concierge services are available 24/7 and include travel arrangements, helping with household employee selection and background checks, event planning, slideshow and video preparation, locating healthcare, selecting high quality tutors, and much more.



Family meetings and communication



New businesses

Event and travel planning

Tax Mitigation

Adjusting and adapting to changes in trust law, taxes and personal situations requires planning and diligence. At Argos, we look at wealth and taxes from all angles to mitigate taxes. To ensure that our families experience optimal tax savings, we continuously review strategies for estate planning, gift taxes, income taxes, charitable giving and property taxes.

Our professionals also conduct state tax analysis, prepare and review tax returns and provide audit expertise to help our families reduce their taxes and their exposure to ineffective tax structures.

Ongoing estate planning

Gift tax strategies

Maximizing after-tax returns

State tax analysis

IRS audit expertise

Tax return, review and preparation


Personalized Investment Portfolios

Argos Family Office is not an investment advisor. Rather, we work with the client families’ investment advisor to provide the necessary information around liquidity, tax status and time horizon. This way the investment advisor can make the most informed recommendation possible.


Comprehensive Asset Information

With an acute understanding of each familys objectives, we regularly provide customized reports. Reporting includes:
Portfolio performance evaluations
Net worth summaries
Estate and income tax analysis over time
Compliance reporting for banks, taxes and other obligations
Global expense tracking and reporting

Every quarter, all of the Argos advisors gather to meet with each family and review the quarterly reports as well as any other reports the family requests.

Balance Sheet

Income and spending over time

Net worth changes

Investment performance

Tax liability tracking

Proactive issue analysis

Property Management

Smart management and acquisition

Managing assets can be time consuming and complicated. Families turn to us to help them through the process of asset purchasing, insuring and management. We conduct in-depth research for our families when it comes to buying, financing and insuring large purchases like cars, boats, planes, houses, farms and collectibles.

Vendor selection


Acquisition, management and disposition

Bill pay

Liquidity Management